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About us



Founded in the year 1900 an Engineering Workshop & Foundry named as M/s. Shivram Ganesh & Sons (Known as Kastwel Foundries since 1974) is proud to complete 100 years. The fourth generation is engaged and continues the similar activities with necessary innovations, dedication, fair business policy and vision to face techno-commercial challenges of the current & future trends. Kastwel Foundries from its inception, been known for high quality products, competitive prices and innovation is a leading supplier to S.G. Iron foundries in India. All our products are melted in state-of-the-art induction furnaces to give better homogeneity and consistency. Our ability to produce tailor-made grades of various master alloys with minimum quantity requirement is a great boon for our customers. More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing nodularisers is an added advantage.Due to quality consistency and competitiveness, our products are considered as most reliable by all leading S.G. Iron foundries in India.Today we have maximum experience in India in producing these master alloys. We also conduct supervisory level training programmes for S.G.Iron production and also provide technical support to our customers as and when required.

Global Partnership  

Kastwel represent many international manufacturers including SORELMETAL from Rio Tinto. Other products are Curburisers, Resins, high purity Silica Sand, Equipments etc. We can be your trusted partner in growing in Indian market. Our distribution network and wide customer base all over the country are ideal choice to promote your products.

 Current Activities at Kastwel Foundries

We serve Indian Foundry industry with our wide range of the products:

Ferrous foundries (S.G. Iron and Cast Iron Industries)

  • MagKast Nodularisers : Ferro Silicon Magnesium and Nickel Magnesium Master Alloys
  • InoK Cast Inoculants : World-class inoculants with Barium, Zirconium, Strontium and other elements
  • Melt Pre-Conditioners
  • SORELMETAL – High purity pig iron (Representatives for West, East & North India)
  • NODUMAG – Pure Magnesium
  • CARBURISERS with low Sulphar and High FC

Non-Ferrous Foundries

  • Aluminium Master Alloys
  • Modifers : Aluminum Strontium Alloys
  • Grain Refiners : Aluminium Titanium Boron Alloys
  • Hardeners
  • De-oxidisers for Steel : Mischmetal RE Alloys

Other Activities

We offer following from our foreign principals:

  • Furan Resins, Ceramic Foam Filters, Mould Coatings from China
  • Vision Controlled Pouring System, In Stream Inoculation Systems and Automation from Progelta S.r.l., Italy
  • Fluxes, Die coatings and Lubricants., Italy
  • Wedge Feeder Breakers, Core Shooters and other foundry equipments from Europe

Training & Consultancy

We conduct “S.G. Iron Technology Conclave” – a training program for persons involved in production of S.G. Iron castings. We also provide technical assistance to our customers.