Nodule Plus+


MagKast Series of Nodularisers

Nodule Plus+ is a new generation nodulariser, containing controlled amounts of rare earths, which act as nodularising agents in addition to Magnesium.

Our alloys are produced in induction furnaces and cast in permanent moulds, to give better homogeneity. The alloys are analysed with the help of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer to ensure consistent quality.

Chemical Analysis

% Mg
% Si
% Other Elements
As per proprietary formulation


  • This can be used for production of S.G.Iron from high sulphur base metal (>0.03%).
  • For low sulphur irons, addition required is 55-65% of FeSiMg alloy with 5-7% Mg.
  • Lesser temperature drop and lesser silicon pick-up, because of lower addition.
  • Not recommended for fully ferritic S.G.Irons.
Size Range 0.5-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 5-15 mm, 15-25 mm.
Dense Packed Size 1-15 mm, 3-25 mm.
Addition Addition can be as low as 55-65% of regular FeSiMg alloy, depending on treatment temperature and sulphur level of the base iron.
Packing 50 Kg, 1000 Kg – HDPE Bags.
Storage If stored in low humidity environment in the same packing, product can be preserved for a long time.