M/s. Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Pte. Ltd., South Africa /Canada

(High Purity Pig Iron for S.G. Iron)


M/s. Progelta S.R.L., Italy


  • Cored Wire for Nodularisation
  • Wire Feeder Systems
  • On stream inoculation device
  • Automatic pouring systems with laser control
  • Melt Pre-conditioner Flux


IBCC Industries Inc. USA

As a value edition to our customers and prospects, we represnt IBCC Industries Inc. USA for sourcing of castings and machined components from India.

The principal markets that IBCC Industries serves are:

  • Pump & Valve
  • Oil & Gas
  • Material Handling
  • OEM Heavy Truck
  • Power Distribution
  • Locomotive
  • Construction & Mining
  • Wind / Alternative Energy

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