Source Products


We are known as pioneers of producing Nodularisers for S.G. Iron in India. Since then we have consistently added new products and services in our range to widen our scope of supplying materials to foundries.

You can now rely on us for following quality products sourced from different parts of the world to meet your demands.

SORELMETAL® – High Purity Pig Iron

Sorelmetal® is an iron-carbon alloy containing very low concentrations of manganese, phosphorus, Sulphur and other undesirable elements produced at the metallurgical complexes of QIT – Fer et Titane Inc. (Sorel, Canada) and Richards Bay Minerals (Richards Bay, South Africa).

We are the authorized representative of M/s Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium for North, East and West India. We also have provisions for small quantity buyers. Please contact us for more details.

Furan Resin & Hardener

No Bake Furan Resin is a kind of environmentally friendly foundry binder. It is supplied with matching Sulfonic Acid based Hardener. Different types of resins can be used for steel casting, iron casting and non-ferrous casting.

We provide No Bake Furan Resin and Hardeners from our principals in China which has advantages of:

  • Low Viscosity
  • Low Free Formaldehyde
  • High Strength
  • Good Collapsibility

Please contact us for more details.

Mould & Core Coatings

Coatings based of alcohol or water for moulds and cores for immersion, spray, brush and washing processes. They are available in a vast range of refractory coatings according to the different castings and used in removal of surface’s lacks and cast’s finishes.

We provide these coatings from our principals in Italy which has advantages of:

  • Excellent refractory’s property
  • Excellent fluidity
  • Good surface’s finish of castings
  • Time’s reduction of castings drool and costs
  • Good stability of conservation in the warehouses