Training & Services


Kastwel Foundries is always known for its value added services along with quality product supplies. Training Activities is one of the focused areas where we have taken initiatives to support Indian Foundry Industry’s ongoing demand of updating knowledge of employees.

We serve this industrial thirst by :

  • Conducting various Training Programmes
  • Publishing Technical Reference Materials
  • Providing Genuine Technical Assistance to our customers.

We have also published various technical reference materials that are relevant to Indian Foundry Practices. Please check our books/catalogue section for more details.

 S.G. Iron Technology Conclave
– Production Practices and Applications


There has been an acute shortage of trained personnel in foundry industry and S.G. Iron foundries have been no exception. This conclave will provide the participants an insight into the various aspects of application, production and quality control of S.G. Iron Castings. In addition, it will provide guidelines to cost estimation and tips for cost control. Though emphasis will be on manufacture of S.G. Iron Castings, it will be of interest to Design Engineers and also Purchase Engineers.

Course Content

  • S.G. Iron Metallurgy
  • Chemical Composition
  • Melting Practice and Raw Materials
  • Moulding Practice
  • Nodularising Treatments and Inoculation
  • Gating and Risering
  • Heat Treatment
  • Quality Control and Welding
  • Evaluation of Microstructure
  • Defect Analysis and Prevention
  • Case Studies and Panel Discussion
  • Cost Estimation and Control

Who Should Participate

Persons in Production and Marketing of S.G. Iron Castings, Design Engineers, Purchase Executives, Promoters of New S.G. Iron Foundries.


The core presentations will be made by foundrymen with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

Please contact us for the next program dates and venue.